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Perspectives on building technology businesses from Cartezia

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Building Technology Businesses is hard work, even in buoyant markets. In the current volatile environment, this challenge is even greater. The crucial ingredient for success is better insight into technologies, markets, business models, and processes for creating new value. Catalyzt aims to provide this insight, based on private research, analysis, and expert opinions from Cartezia’s core team and members of its extended global network.


The Indian Engineering Industry: Opportunities abound but the key is focus!

Hardly a week goes by in India without a major announcement of industry, federal or state government initiatives impacting the engineering industry. While there is little doubt about the strategic rationale of virtually all these projects their commercial potential needs to be assessed through a number of key questions.

04 April 2014

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New emission norms pose a challenge for Indian auto industry

Vehicle emissions currently account for about 18% of all fuel emissions in India. The latest announcement from the Indian government on mandatory fuel efficiency norms poses technical and commercial challenges for auto manufacturers. More »

04 April 2014

The Indian Auto Components Industry: Steady growth in a volatile market

India is gradually emerging as a global hub for auto-component sourcing powered by the growth of the domestic automotive market. After rapid growth from 2005-2008 with a CAGR around 30%, it experienced a severe downturn in 2008-2009. The sector is growing again at double digit rates, partly... More »

04 April 2014

The Indian Automobile Industry: Poised for Growth despite short term challenges

The recent blip in the continuous growth of the Indian auto industry has raised interesting questions for manufacturers and investors alike. The auto industry overall only grew by about 1% overall after many years of double-digit growth. High fuel prices and stubbornly high interest rates were... More »

04 April 2014

Aerospace sector in India : An Overview

The Indian aerospace industry is one of the fastest-growing aerospace markets in the world with government, corporates and airlines placing orders for an increased number of aircraft. The rapid growth of this industry has attracted global aerospace majors to India. All segments within aerospace... More »

04 April 2014

Indian Aerospace : Opportunities and Challenges in Civil Aviation

The figures for the growth of civil aviation are staggering given that the industry probably serves about 2%-3% of the Indian population currently. It is projected that by 2020, annual Indian domestic traffic will exceed 250 million passengers, with international traffic expected to reach 100... More »

04 April 2014

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