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Perspectives on building technology businesses and AcceleratorIndia from Cartezia

About Catalyzt

About Catalyzt

Catalyzt aims to provide better insight into technologies, markets, business models, and processes for creating new value, based on private research, analysis, and expert opinions from Cartezia’s core team and members of its extended global network, partners and licensees.

About Cartezia

Cartezia has been helping to build technology businesses for the last 20 years. Most of this work was initially focused in the creative industries, particularly in Digital Media. The focus then widened to building Cleantech, Healthcare and Advanced engineering companies. This experience has prompted Cartezia to design the RiffStream# process which has typically been used in ‘closed’ environments with the owners of intellectual property, usually larger corporates or universities.

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About AcceleratorIndia

AcceleratorIndia is a cross-border business accelerator that partners with UK companies to help capture the India opportunity. AcceleratorIndia offers the following services :

  • India_Context - Actionable insights on companies, markets and ecosystems of key growth sectors
  • India Business Build - Product and Service Shaping for India; Go-to-market strategies and plans; Partner, Channel and Customer Development

With a strong Core Team and an extended team of Resident Business Builders and Advisors, AcceleratorIndia provides hands-on services to UK businesses that seek to exploit the opportunities opening up in the Indian market. 

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