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DezineForce raises Series A Funding

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

DezineForce, the UK-based Engineering Design, Simulation and Optimisation SaaS pioneer, has raised an undisclosed amount in Series A Funding from venture capital firms DN Capital and IQ Capital and several angel investors including Dr. Steve Garnett of, to fund the Commercial Launch of its web-based service.


DezineForce empowers designers by offering a new level of integrated Engineering design, simulation and optimisation capability based on industry-standard design and simulation tools coupled with proprietary optimisation technology.  The new service incorporates advanced workflow technologies and semantic user guidance, delivered as a subscription-based service over the web, from DezineForce’s own secure, reliable and professionally-managed high performance grid compute clusters. This on-demand Software as a Service model will enable DezineForce to reach a global customer base of small as well as large engineering companies.


The Company’s technology represents over 100 man-years of development by teams led by professors of international repute at University of Southampton. The technologies include breakthrough methods for systematic and automated optimisation of designs, workflow guidance, and distributed computing expertise which enables rapid turnaround of computationally-intensive analyses on commodity hardware.


Customers in the UK and India will start their trials of the DezineForce service in May 2008.

DezineForce is clearly banking on the fact that organisations large and small are moving to the SaaS model for business applications. The web now enables businesses to reject the old model of buying on-premise software with all the headaches of huge up-front cost, complex maintenance and expensive IT support. Dezineforce's stated aim is to empower engineering designers to focus on innovation and speed to market.