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Vodafone buys Zyb for $49m

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vodafone has acquired the Danish wireless address book company Zyb, for €31.5($49m). Vodafone's stated intent is to harness Zyb's social networking capability for its mobile platform, but in the short term the real value is likely to come from Zyb's ability to back-up and synchronise mobile phone address books and calenders.
Zyb had previously raised $4.7m from several VC funds, led by Nordic Venture Partners. Morten Lund, a Skype investor, was also an early investor in Zyb. Zyb also recently bought social networking company, Imity, and it service includes the ability for users to send messages to each other and share photos. Vodafone's move comes hot on the heels of Comcast's acquisition of Plaxo, which suggests that at least some of the carriers are beginning to think strategically at long last.