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Application Technologies

Widgets are mini-applications that enable content distribution beyond the content publisher's own site. Partners, bloggers, mobile users, and other content publishers can easily re-use whatever content has been widgetized by copying and pasting a string of code and putting it on their own site. Many different types of content can be widgetized, making this a powerful and potentially viral method of content distribution.

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Innovation in Indian IT-BPO services industry is at a tipping point. Are the innovators creating maximum value?

Innovation in the Indian IT-BPO services industry has come a long way and has reached a tipping point as illustrated by the recently announced NASSCOM awards. The number of nominated and shortlisted companies was much higher than the previous years and much wider scope and scale of innovations.... More »

Monday, March 8, 2010

Amazon remains under pressure despite growth, a US Fortune 500 company is the recognised global brand leader in internet retailing, with annual revenues over $15bn in 2007. It has grown customers, products and revenues consistently over the last decade, but did not record a profit until 2004. Over the last 3 years, profit... More »

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Marketing with Widgets

Widgets are mini-applications that allow marketeers to distribute, track and update their content beyond their own domain. The major social networking sites, such as Facebook, have adopted widgets with enthusiasm and media companies are now also starting to use them as advertising objects. Most... More »

Thursday, January 10, 2008