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Digital Rights Management

DRM is a term used to describe technologies used for the copyright protection of digital content. Secure documents are encrypted with permissions information and controls that have minimal impact on authorized users of the documents. There are two broad approaches to DRM:containment, typically encrypting content so that it can only be accessed by authorized users; and marking, inclusion of a 'flag', watermark or tag to signal to a device that the content or medium is 'copy protected'. Restriction can be hardware or software based. Many DRM schemes are vendor or publisher specific. A consumer might accordingly end up with several incompatible DRM implementations on a single device, some potentially conflicting with each other.

Featured article:

Indian IMI Mobile acquires DX3 Digital Music Distributor

Mobile content distributor IMI Mobile, based in Hyderabad in India is buying digital music distributor DX3 of London as a beachhead to push in to the European and non-mobile markets. The UK company distributes music to white-label platforms like that of UK broadcaster ITV. IMI's delivery... More »

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hollywood changes its distribution model-but only in Korea for now

Warner Brothers Entertainment will release its films online in South Korea before they are released in the country on DVD, in a major break from the established Hollywood distribution model which could lead to a big increase in movie downloads. The film studio, which is part of Time Warner, has... More »

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miniweb raises $32m to expand services

Miniweb, the British interactive TV platform spun out of BSkyB, has announced $32 million in venture funding from US investors to take its product offerings international. The Funding comes from Meritage Funds in Denver, Colorado and DeGeorge Holdings III, Nevada. More »

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

News Corp takes NDS private

News Corporation and two newly incorporated companies formed by funds advised by Permira Advisers LLP are taking NDS private. NDS Group plc, a majority owned subsidiary of News Corporation supplies open end-to-end digital technology and services to pay-television platform operators and content... More »

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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