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Perspectives on building technology businesses from Cartezia


Developments in Technology have transformed Global Markets and created multi-billion dollar industries in North America and Europe. They are now also transforming markets across Asia, South America and Africa. The nature and pace of this change is strongly influenced by national and regional differences in market maturity, financial strength, political environments, social policies and regulatory regimes.

Featured article:

The Indian TMT Industry: Dramatic growth can obscure challenges and opportunities

By any measure, the Media, Telecoms and ICT industries have grown dramatically over the last decade but the detailed picture across these three large industries bears some detailed examination, if European companies are to identify the best opportunities for growing profitable revenues in these... More »

24 April 2014

The Indian Television Industry: powered by digital broadcasting

The media industry continues to be dominated by television, with 40% market share in terms of revenues, with this proportion increasing to 51% by 2017. Growth has been driven by subscription revenues, which rose by 15% from 2011 to 2012. In the same period, television advertising revenues also... More »

24 April 2014

The High Performance Computing Opportunity in India

The global market for high performance computing hardware, software, services and consulting is estimated at around US$ 20bn. The Indian market is probably worth about 1% of this global market, i.e. US$ 200 million but is growing at about 17% compared to growth of around 3-4% in Europe and North... More »

24 April 2014

The Indian Healthcare and Bio-Pharma Industry: Big Opportunity but many challenges

The Indian healthcare sector, currently valued at US$ 65 billion per annum, most of the spending is on out-patient care, is forecast to grow significantly at an annual rate higher than 20%. But this high growth rate masks a number of important factors such as low per capita spend on healthcare,... More »

11 April 2014

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