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Perspectives on building technology businesses from Cartezia


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The Indian Engineering Industry: Opportunities abound but the key is focus!

Hardly a week goes by in India without a major announcement of industry, federal or state government initiatives impacting the engineering industry. While there is little doubt about the strategic rationale of virtually all these projects their commercial potential needs to be assessed through a... More »

04 April 2014

Accelerators, Incubators and Misnomers

Dr Uday Phadke presents a framework to help clarify the confusion surrounding terms such as Accelerators and Incubators that aim to provide positive interventions in pursuit of economic growth. Dr Phadke then argues that rather than look for semantic clarity, it makes sense to analyse the type... More »

06 January 2013

The sale of Autonomy to Hewlett Packard: good news or bad news?

Dr Shai Vyakarnam was challenged with this question on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme (19 Aug) as Cambridge software firm Autonomy, founded by entrepreneur Dr Mike Lynch OBE, was sold to Hewlett Packard for around $7billion. Is this another UK tech firm losing its independence to a US giant... More »

27 August 2011

Matching technology to markets needs synthesis skills

The biggest challenge technology companies face today is to match technology to market need and to create new products and services by synthesizing innovations in technology, business models and channels to market. More »

03 March 2010

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