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Search engines are information retrieval tools designed to find information stored on computer devices or networks. They can dramatically reduce the time required to find information. Search engines provide an interface that enables users to submit a search query. In the case of text search engines, the search query is typically expressed as a set of words. There are several styles of search query syntax. Some text search engines prompt users to enter two or three words separated by white space, other search engines enable users to specify entire documents, pictures, sounds, and various forms of natural language. To speed up the search process, search engines typically collect metadata about items of interest beforehand, through indexing. Some search engines do not store an index. Crawler, or spider type search engines collect and assess items at the time of search. Meta search engines reuse the index or results of other search engines. Text-based search engine technology is now quite mature. Most new technology development is focused on image-based search, in particular using semantic technology.

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Can YouTube's quest for alternate revenue streams succeed?

With Ad revenues falling, content owners are looking to develop alternate revenue streams more closely tied to their users' online behaviour. In a slowing worldwide economy, these initiatives are key to their survival until growth returns to the market. YouTube exemplifies the challenges that... More »

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Google announces its own $100 million venture arm

Google has created its own venture arm, Google Ventures, with an initial investment outlay of $100 million for 2009. Widely anticipated, this initiative firmly establishes Google in the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and start-ups keen to raise money in the current economic slowdown. More »

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Google planning to launch Translation Centre

Google is preparing to launch Google Translation Center, a new translation tool for freelance and professional translators. The new service has broad implications for the translation industry, which is still very fragmented and technologically un-sophisticated. More »

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cuil aims to take on Google

Cuil, a Silicon Valley start-up has launched what it claims is the internet's biggest search engine, with an index three times larger than Google's search engine. The company has raised $33m to date and it founders include several ex-Google executives. More »

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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